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Air Pressure:0.5-0.7Mpa
Air consumption:9.5-11m³/min
Length without bit:Full manual operation
Weight without bit:32KG
Out Diameter:Φ98mm
Bit Shank:CIR110
Hole Range:Φ110-135mm
Connection Thread:API 2⅜
Impact rate at 0.5Mpa:14HZ
Recommended rotation speed:25-40r/min

Products Description

DTH Hammer CIR Series is an ideal drilling tool that widely used in the industries of energy,transportation,metallurgy,building etc.


1.The strong energy of single impact and the low energy consumption in rock crushing;

2.The weight ratio of Piston and Bit almost Reaches 1:1 to provide long effective acting time, which leads to the improved efficiency in rock crushing and the extended service life of the drilling tool;

3. A good performance in central air exhaust and cuttings discharge, which reduces the repeated crushing of rock;

4.A check vlave device is available to drill holes finder water.

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